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Drive Court & Island

The Ford Plantation is a private community that Industrialist Henry Ford developed in 1937 along the banks of the Ogeechee River in Georgia, US.

The current owners goal was to provide subtle lighting throughout the property to move comfortably and safely through the property at night between three separate structures on the property. Like all of YML’s projects, these images in particular represent careful attention to the IDSA and the property itself. A consistent trademark of Yale is to allow the tips of tree foliage to fall into darkness in silhouette against the night sky to prevent light pollution.

Like all of our projects, careful attention to light source concealment is evident and paramount to all of our designs. The indigenous and unique nature of this area provides a beautiful effect with the Spanish Moss dangling from all but the tall pine trees. The lighting of the islands seen on the river was created with narrow beams of light from only four (4) lighting units concealed close to water’s edge.

Guest House

Guest House (Example of uplighting without interfereing with the night sky)

Vignette at Guest House

Fire pit

Street view of main entrance

Islands in the Ogeechee River at the edge of the backyard


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