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The client wanted a natural feeling for the sandy beach area near the cottage. Safe uplighting, downlighting and the use of fire, table lamp and units along the edge of the water softly illuminate the grasses beyond..

This small cottage perched on expansive views and grounds required the use of multiple techniques to achieve the desired effect. They wanted the transition from daytime fun in the sun to evening revelry to transition seamlessly, always void of visible light sources. This is a signature found in all of YML projects. The grasses receive a gentle “wash of light” concealed under the deck and above waters edge. The bridge is cross-lit with various lenses to produce the beautiful refection enjoyed by surrounding neighbors while the light sources themselves remain unseen.

The boatman’s storage house is unremarkable by day but becomes a perfect scene to break the inky darkness on the expansive grounds surrounding the cottage by night. Yale used outdoor table lamps, uplighting and cross lighting to softly illuminate areas of the sandy beach side of the cottage to create a gathering area for parties and/or a peaceful reprieve to enjoy in privacy.

Each scene has its own special requirements to create this overall ambiance and glow. The use of glass fire features both as decorative pieces by day and functional light sources by night are creative touches exemplary in Yale’s design aesthetic and style. A 12’ long antique horse trough was converted to a fire feature for function and aesthetic value. When it is time for the fires to go out one is left with energy efficient illumination to enhance the nighttime surroundings, always adhering to the IDSA guidelines for dark skies. The beauty of the night sky coexists with our lighting installations and never in competition with them. Light encroachment is always void for a successful landscape lighting installation.


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