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Soft up and down lighting runs throughout the property on all driveways and walkways in order to move though the property at night with a natural warm glow.

Villa America presented unique lighting challenges. It is perched high on a hill and is seen from all angles by night. The strategic placement of the brass lighting fixtures is only one key to the concealment of visible sources. They all have extended shrouds and louvers. During the final night-set of this installation we were still challenged to find a solution to the internal reflection within the extended shrouds of some uplighting units. Sometimes a solution is too obvious to be noticed. Looking around there were hundreds of natural rocks within the landscape. Voila, the perfect and natural shrouds were everywhere. We repurposed these elements of nature into nature’s concealer of light reflection. The “hot spots” were gone from site.

The entry lighting is particularly beautiful and was the idea of the owner who provided the hanging rattan lanterns. We modified them by changing the bulbs and putting simple marine sockets/globes in them to protect from the ever-changing environment. Today, there are manufacturers who produce outdoor rated lanterns which create similar effects.

Front Entry to villa America is a combination of indiscrete up and down lightning together with Rattan hanging lamps to add warmth and interest to the first viewing of this beautiful home

This is a great example of how properly installed exterior lighting can bring the exterior into the interior of a residence for a cohesive nighttime living experience

This image shows how properly installed up and down lighting does not interfere with the twinkling lights of the neighbouring islands by night.

Main entrance by day / night


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