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A long-term client was looking for a location for a second home in the Caribbean and I introduced them to the island of Mustique. A couple of years passed and they called to tell me they had built a home there and wanted me to do the lighting. (Images of their home "Villa America" are on this website). My first trip to the island was in 1988. The combined history through the years together with my love for the island at large inspired me to donate the lighting for this majestic tree and the Bamboo Church.. I approached The Mustique Company and they accepted my offer. Today this scene is no longer in darkness. The lighting is intentionally subtle and does not interfere with the beauty of the dark sky and stars above. There are multiple locations which are all shrouded, louvered and lensed to create the subtle lighting in this image.

We used 22 MR16 lamps (2700K, 8W, 60 degree) and brass lighting fixtures with extended shrouds, lenses and louvers to conceal the sources of light. Night focussing was paramount to the success of the lighting. The images were untouched by post photography alterations. We wanted the imagery to be as close to the actual lighting as possible. The uplighting and downlighting locations were all tweaked and secured by night. One 300W transformer was used on this installation.

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